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    CK Bradley Blog

    2017 ~ Whoa!

    2017 ~ Whoa!

    I can't believe it's 2017! It seems like yesterday that I was sewing ribbon belts in my dorm room at Trinity College. And, although so much has changed since those sun filled days on the quad, so much remains the same. 

    Recently I went through my old inspiration books. Volumes of sketches and magazine cutouts. Fabric snippets. Prints and more prints. It was awesome. I hadn't looked at these books in years. Funny enough, I still loved, and was inspired by, everything in these old books. My vision and esthetic remains constant....which as a designer is encouraging. It reminded me that I have remained true to myself, even when sometimes I feel like I'm lost and all over the place!  I was so rejuvenated and inspired...by the same pictures that got me going in the first place. It was AMAZING. 

    In short, the road has taken me from New York to Newport, to Aspen, back to Newport and now Marblehead (with pit stops at Awosting Reserve, obviously). I got Married. Had two beautiful baby boys. I've made ski suits (that I want to wear everyday), dresses for every occasion, pom pom hats and MORE pom pom hats, peanut butter balls for days and MY OWN WEDDING DRESS! 

    BUT...The more things change the more they remain the same. 

    Feeling lucky and grateful, like the world is my oyster...like I'm still 20! But I'm not, and that's ok. I'm just as inspired to inspire. Here's to another year!