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    Jewelry Collections

    CK Bradley is proud to present our one-of-a-kind jewelry collection! For nearly 20 years, CK Bradley has been working hard to create classic, long-lasting jewelry. Each and every one of these stunning, sparkling baubles was lovingly designed by Heidi Brueggeman -- one of the top jewelry designers working today. Whether you’re searching for a pair of eye-catching earrings, simple gold-accented pieces, or our signature lavish Tassel Necklaces, you can find what you want at CK Bradley. We’re positive that you’ll love our entire collection. Each of CK Bradley’s jewelry pieces is both versatile and luxurious -- you can dress any piece up or down with either evening or casual wear. Whatever the occasion, we make it our mission to create colors that truly POP! From our Cabana Tassel Earrings in bright turquoise and yellow to our understated and elegantly-colored Double Happiness Tassel Necklace in pastel pink, we work with signature colors that you’re bound to adore. All of our classic jewelry items are available for purchase today, and all are affordably priced. Check out our Cabana Tassel earrings for just $84, our Tassel necklaces for $160 and $170, or our Prosperity Gold Stud earrings for just $40. CK Bradley’s jewelry collection has a little something for everyone!